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U9/U10 Commissioner

Last Updated: 2019-05-31 @11:00 PM

Coaches, Parents, Players:   I am here to support you.   Please feel free to shoot me an email with questions, comments, or concerns.  You can email me at or send me a text and/or leave me a voicemail at 469-844-8420.  Please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible.  Please NOTE this is a volunteer position and I have many other responsibilities and committments just as you do.  Although I may not be able to respond immediately, you should hear back within 24 hours.    Thank You for being part of GNWSA!   Barb Johnson

First Season in U9/U10?

What has changed compared to U7/U8:

The Field is Bigger!

At U7/U8, the fields were 25x35 yards.  At U9/U10, the fields are between 35 and 45 yards wide, and 55 to 65 yards long.

The Goals are Larger!

The goal size has increased to 6.5 feet tall, by 18.5 feet wide.

You have a Goalie!

Goalies can handle the ball anywhere in the penalty box, EXCEPT when a teammate passes the ball back to the goalie.

The Game is Longer!

Playing time has increased to 50 minutes total.  2 halves, each 25 minutes long.   Play no longer stops at the end of quarters.

You have more Players!

You will now be playing 7v7 and will have 6 regular players and 1 goalie on the field.  Your team's minimum roster size is now 10 and your maximum roster size now 12.

The Field now has a Penalty Box!

There is now an additional, larger box drawn outside of bounds of the goal box, which has two primary uses.  1st, it identifies the area in which a goalie can handle the ball (assuming it has not been passed back by a teammate). 2nd, any physical fouls or handling inside the penalty box by the defending team result in Penalty Kick (taken from the Penalty Mark) instead of normal Direct Free Kick.

The Field now has a Buildout Line!?

There is an additional line drawn ONLY on U9/U10 fields.  This is called the Buildout Line, and is also sometimes referred to as the "Blue Line" (GNWSA paints it blue).  This line is between the mid-field line and the edge of the penalty box, and attacking players must retreat behind this line when the goalie gains  possession of the ball.  Please see this video for a better understanding...

Offside Offenses will now be called!

Offside Offenses (not necessarily when in an offside Position) can be called when an attacking player is between the Buildout line and the Goal Line under specific criteria.

Your Game has 3 Referees!

There are now two Assistant Referees who help the Center Referee in providing additional information during the game.  The Center referee always has the final decision regardless of the information the AR provides.  

Direct Free Kicks for certain offenses!

The Center Referee can now award DIRECT Free Kicks for physical fouls and handling calls.  DIRECT means a goal can be scored DIRECTLY from the kick without any other player touching the ball.  INDIRECT kicks must touch another player before a goal can be scored.  A PENALTY Kick can be awared to the attacking team if the Defensive team commits a Direct Free Kick offense while inside the Penalty Box.

You play OUTSIDE of GNWSA!

GNWSA is a member association of NMCSL (Norther Mid-Citiies Soccer League), and all U9+ teams play within the NMCSL.  This means many of your AWAY games will be played outside of GNWSA at cities outside of Trophy Club, Roanoke, and Justin.

Paperwork is required for games!

For each NMCSL game, the coach/manager will need to bring a prepared "NMCSL Game Report" and provide to the referee before the start of the game.  This game report should ONLY list coaches, managers, and players who are on your official roster.  You must have accurate Jersey numbers listed for each player.  PLEASE NOTE: this Form is specific to the season, please make sure you have the version for the correct season!

We now keep score!

Scores and Standings are now kept for all NMCSL games.  On the bottom of each NMCSL Game Report, is a tear-off slip on which the scores will be recorded by the referees.  After the games, this slip will be returned to you and it will be your responsibility to call in the score to GotSoccer as instructed on the slip.  PLEASE NOTE:  the Event ID and PIN on this call-in slip are specific to each season.  Please make sure you are using the correct version of the form!

It's Game Time - What do you Need?

1.  Coaches and/or Managers Cards/ID.  The referee should ask to see these for each coach or manager present.

2.  NMCSL Game Report (one per game)

3.  Official Roster - get this through GotSoccer Team Login. (PLEASE contact commissioner if do not have team login credentials)

        Official Roster: navigate to Team Profile tab --> Documents sub-tab. (The Official Roster is "signed" by the GNWSA Registrar at the bottom left corner of the page.  You may not have the right one if you do not see this "signature".)

4.  If you are the HOME team, you need to supply the referee with a properly inflated game ball.

Warm Up Rules At Some Fields

Coaches, please note that some of the other NMCSL Associations are not allowing teams to warm up using the goals in order to maintain the field in front of the goals. To our knowledge, BAYFA and KSA are the two associations who have made this policy known.  If you are told by other Associations, please let me know so I can add to this list.

Looking for Lessons and Drills?

There are many resources on the Web and YouTube for finding soccer skills and drills.  Below are a some links to help get you started: (This is a very large PDF, but a very good guide!) 

U9/U10 Drills by Soccer Xpert

U10 Practice Drills

Soccer Moves

Soccer Skills

Greater Northwest Soccer Association - "Developing soccer players for the Northwest Independent School District"


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